Our Gardens

Situated at the crest of a hill, the property offers stunning panoramic views of the Severn Valley and Mount Tully. Guests are welcome to explore ten acres of manicured gardens, natural bushland, working farm, and relax in the Art Gallery and bistro cafe.

Gardens -

The Gardens

The ground work of Glen Aplin Gardens was established over 30 years ago. Tall conifers and winding wisteria meld together with the Australian bush and gums to paint a pallet of colour and fragrances all year.

Winding paths and stone walkways have been established to lead you deep into the wildflowers of springtime and become surrounded in the sensations and aromas that is a fragrant garden. Even in winter and autumn months, an enchanted garden appears where little surprises are to be found in new flowers and changing leaves.

Sit a while on a garden seat and rest, revive and replenish your soul. Glen Aplin Gardens is centered in on of Australia’s diverse wine and fruit growing regions. Whether you are interested in wine, the arts and music – we have something for you.

The Hobby Farm

Glen Aplin Gardens is set on the crest of a hill overlooking the Severn Valley below. Our sprawling property is home to a number of animals that serve a great purpose. Not only are the cute and keep us company, they help maintain our land by keeping down grass growth, working over the soil and providing valuable manure to help our gardens thrive.

Perfect for families with young children, or those who love animals as much as we do, we offer guided tours and feeding sessions with the animals.

Gardens -

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