Things to consider for pet owners when bringing pets on holiday.

  • We suggest you choose rooms with verandah access in which to stay.
  • We are pet friendly and welcome pet owners to Glen Aplin Gardens.
  • There has to be rules around pets in shared accommodation areas.
  • Owners should keep their pet outside at night and be considerate of
    other guests if the dog barks.
  • We ask for a Pet Bond $50.00 which is payable on checking in and is
    repayable on check out if your accommodation is free of damage.
  • Pet owners are responsible to clean up dog waste.
  • Keep your pet supervised & on leash at all times.
  • We have a pet enclosure should you need to house your pet securely.
  • Again we need to state that other guests may object to having a pet inside common areas such as the kitchen and lounge-room.

Items to bring with you:

pets bed
pets lead
pets comfy blanket
Pet Bed
Leads and Braces
Pet Blankets
pets food bowl
pets food
colorful bags for collecting of dog waste
Water and Food Bowls
Pet Food
Bags for collecting dog waste

Please note:

We understand that some people have small dogs and have them inside at night.

Pets are to not lay on beds or chairs.

 If you wish to have your dog housed inside and in your room over night, this will incur a carpet shampoo and pet clean fee of $250.00.